The Khamas Group is a remarkable success story in the UAE. One of the most respected enterprises; it has grown along with the developments in the Emirates. The Group is a leading stakeholder in construction and other industries.

Its stakes are seen in major business interests, with over 120 enterprises in the Emirates alone. It is globally recognized through its Divisions: Developments, Contracting & Construction, Hotels, Hospitality, FMCG, Manufacturing, Franchising, and Education.Staffed with highly-qualified and experienced professionals, Khamas Group operates in the UAE and international markets. Its manpower team now exceeds 10,000, and is expected to grow in line with its expansion.

The core of its values and principles lies in the competent leadership of its division managers, the wealth of experience of its manpower, and fair enterprise in spite its position amid the current competition. Thus, for over a century, Khamas Group has become an institution of confidence and success in multi-industry across the UAE.


Khamas Group is a corporation of exceptional capability, yet still, aiming to set a new benchmark respected in the industry for its patent leadership, world-class quality and client satisfaction in the Gulf Region, and globally. We envision our own niche among industry leaders as we contribute to the nation's ideals and progress.Khamas Group remains committed to the highest standards of leadership and promotes excellence in areas where our services and products are needed through these:

Corporate Responsibility

Amid competition, Khamas Group continues to develop a positive impact on the communities and environment in which it operates. Its divisions monitor all subsidiaries to ensure our corporate policies with respect to the environment, public safety and health. We keep our lines open with the staff and personnel to evaluate their performance and assess both their professional needs and career growth through calendared trainings.


Dynamic Leadership

Khamas Group can never be socially responsible without the active participation and high productivity among its divisions and subsidiaries. In the tradition of Khamas leadership, we emulate the dynamism seen from the management among the heads of the subsidiaries. The leadership quality apparent in the management is always nurtured.

Excellent Performance

Team building nurtures motivation and responsibility. It helps develop productivity and confidence within the management, and among the staff and employees. Khamas Group believes an excellent performance puts the organization forward in its business.

Khamas Group of Investment Companies (L.L.C)
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Tel: +971 4 2828244
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Developments are either a new building or built asset, regardless of its size and space of the land where it stands. These assets are a good investment for the developer, and growth path for the place where it is located. The developer has the discretion to create, control, and orchestrate the process of development from the start to end. The Khamas Group is in this multi-faceted business in the UAE.



Contracting & Contruction

For more than a decade, the contracting and construction industry has been the centre piece of progress and modernization in Dubai. Commercial and mixed-use skyscrapers, modern residences and villas, have transformed Dubai skyline into a picturesque of progress. Khamas Group ranks as an exponent of contracting and construction industry in the region. Recognized for its international standard in quality, the Group is proud for successfully meeting the full-service construction needs of prestigious clients, both public and private, in the Emirates and the Gulf Region. We deliver value from an owner's perspective.

Real Estate

Being a real estate broker is also one of the challenging businesses we are in. What makes it even tougher is the understanding of the market and how world of the real estate works. It involves not only the basic questions on real estate transactions but also the local laws affecting the sales of the property. Dedication in the job and sincerity both with our agents and clients help us moved farther.





Guests will enjoy both local and international cuisines as they relax with live entertainment and cozy ambiance at these finest entertainment and exquisite dining halls. Khamas Group strives to better develop these restaurants and cuisines as impressively comparable internationally. Full menus and delightful appetizers and desserts are served to meet the discerning choice and experience of guests in Arabic, Oriental or European cuisines.

Spa & Wellness

Following the comprehensive professional trainings and staffing solutions for its manpower, Khamas Group blends its management expertise to offer an exceptional and seamless service in spa & wellness both for local and foreign tourists. It continuously collaborates with the industry experts and associate partners to learn and adopt authentic practices and latest concepts in Spa and wellness.


Khamas Group understands that a Dubai hospitality can only be complete when extended with a great and enjoyable evening. Our guests can explore the cosmopolitan nightlife in the city at these bars and pub houses.




Khamas Group's secret tools of success are honed by its experience in the manufacturing sector. The management continues to learn, understand and adopt different manufacturing concepts, instead of simply knowing the law of supply and demand amid technological advances. Products and costs are drawn-up to determine the concept of manufacturing to conform with.


Hundreds of franchise business opportunities are available in the Arabian Gulf. Mostly stemming from multinational companies worldwide, franchises have also seen potential market opportunities in Dubai. But Khamas Group has a different business model of franchising in the UAE. With its own distinction, it establishes connection with global companies and introduces them to Dubai market.


Khamas Group believes in the thought, "education is both the soul and backbone of modern society." The progress of a society would also depend on how educated and trained its people are, and whose intelligence contributes as strength.



Khamas' presence in a more diversified business significantly contributed to its success story. Property investors would appoint us, and award the contracts on management of their hotels, building or office facilities, or entertainment circuits, including their maintenance or renovation whenever required. We utilize our own resources, manpower and expertise in managing and providing the services that these businesses offer in the market.


Dubai has been a tourism hub in the Gulf Region. Its immense popularity among the tourists - foreign and local, has triggered its hotel industry into a billion-dollar investment. Khamas Group focuses on this industry with its over 20 years experience in partnering, managing areas of operations or designing and building diverse types of hotels and other tourism infrastructure.

Fruits and Vegitables

Consumer packaged goods require the integration of challenges over the needs and supply of fruits and vegetables. Driven by its initiative, Khamas Group focuses its attention and directs its response towards a commitment to improve services related to the delivery and supply of fruits and vegetables. It even stresses the key responsibilities in the planning, development, and management of the supply and turn-over to the intended markets. Khamas Group serves the industry needs and market opportunities by generating information and insights with the suppliers and transporters.